Responsibilities of a Health and Social Care Worker

  • Diploma: OTHM Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Health and Social Care
  • Unit 3: Responsibilities of a Health and Social Care Worker
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    Responsibilities of a Health and Social Care Worker

    The primary health and social care responsibilities of OTHM is to safeguard each employee's health, safety, and welfare. OTHM makes sure this happens by setting policies and procedures and guaranteeing that safety is at the forefront of all efforts. Present offers:

    • A safe workplace (reduce occurrences of accidents and illnesses related to work)
    • Training (Information, instruction, and supervision
    • The reliable and appropriate tools
    • Risk assessments (including risk management tactics in the client's assistance plan)

    Commitment to Safe and Competent Work Practices

    Employees are expected to work in approved ways and are not allowed to execute any tasks until they have completed the required training. Employees should be respectful of others and avoid doing anything that can put them in danger. All safety equipment provided to staff members must be worn. Employees are expected to inform their line manager of anything that might affect their capacity to carry out their tasks, such as getting pregnant, being wounded, or taking medication that makes them tired.

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    The Responsibilities of the Health and Social Care Practitioner

    Employees are required to finish and pass the Care Certificate Induction training within 12 weeks of their start date, as well as any further training required for the job, such as first aid, moving and handling, and medicines. This demonstrates that employees are conscious of the demands placed on not only their own workplace but also those made on other sectors of the health and social care system. The workers should voice any worries they have regarding the wellbeing and security of others.

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    Describe the Responsibilities of the Health and Social Care Practitioner

    What specifically do health and social care professionals achieve every day? Those who work in the roles and responsibilities of health and social care practitioners have the following tasks and obligations, which are crucial to health professionals:

    • Hospital Care:

      The two types of hospital care include long-stay care and mental care. Long-stay care is used for prolonged nursing care and mental care encompasses the complete gamut of medical specialties. Long-stay care is becoming less and less popular in modern culture as the number of acute care institutions sharply increases.

    • Primary Care:

      Primary care is the main emphasis in medical settings. In essence, it refers to commonplace medical treatments and outpatient care, including trips to the dentist, eye doctor, home health care provider, and other general practitioners.

    • Public Care:

      Public healthcare is one of the most important issues that the world's population is currently confronting, especially in light of the COVID-19 danger. In addition to preventative healthcare and a few other issues that are not typically handled by conventional healthcare, this includes difficulties like water, housing, and sewage care.

    Client Responsibilities of a Health and Social Care Worker

    Clients are also responsible for their own health and safety. The client is in charge of setting up a safe environment for professionals to work in if the service involves delivering care at the patient's home. Nothing in the area should be potentially hazardous, and all tools and appliances must be risk-free to use.

    In all work situations, health and safety rules are in place to safeguard employees' wellbeing overall and to ensure their health. Every employee and workplace should avoid any behavior that could threaten others.

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