Person-Centred Approaches in Health and Social Care Settings

  • Diploma: OTHM Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Health and Social Care
  • Unit 3: Person-Centred Approaches in Health and Social Care Settings
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    Person-Centred Approaches in Health and Social Care Settings

    In the fields of health and social care, the importance of person centered approaches is being understood more and more. Meaningful relationships with individuals and communities are a fragment of what drives many health and social care professionals internally.

    Other examples include strategies like co-production, care and support planning, motivational interviewing, and health coaching. However, the most effective method for instructing the workforce to embrace person-centered methods and permanently alter behaviours is frequently less clear. Below, we will briefly discuss person-centered health and social care.

    Techniques like co-production, care and support planning, motivational interviewing, and health coaching also serve as examples. However, the best way to teach the workforce to adopt person-centered techniques and modify behaviors permanently is typically less obvious. We will briefly talk about person centred care health and social care below.

    Understanding Person-Centered Care in Health and Social Services

    Before we start ahead, we will learn the person centred care meaning in health and social care:

    The person-centered care is a method of thinking and acting in the field of health and social care that values individuals who utilise social and health services equally as participants in the design, supervision, and planning of care to ensure that it meets their requirements. This necessitates putting people and their families at the core of choices and treating them as authorities in order to get the greatest results.

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    The Impact of Person Centred Approach in Health and Social Care Level 3

    The Care Certificate's Standard Five, which outlines requirements for new hires in health and social care jobs, is about working in a person-centered way. To apply the Care Certificate as part of induction, you can use workbooks and other practical resources.

    To enable person-centered approaches for the health and social care workforce, Skills for Health, Health Education England, and Skills for Care have produced a framework.

    In this plan, which is outlined in the Five Year Forward View, the emphasis is focused on people, families, and communities. It encourages the development of a shared understanding of these priorities by inviting people to discuss their priorities with staff members.

    Examples of Person Centered Approaches in Health and Social Care

    Below are person centred approach in health and social care examples explained briefly:

    • Customized Care Plans:

      Every customer or patient receives a personalized treatment plan that takes into account their particular needs, preferences, and goals. For instance, the care plan might take into consideration a person's decision to take medication at a particular time or in a particular manner.

    • Effective Communication:

      In order to maintain active and fruitful communication with patients and clients, healthcare professionals and caregivers must pay close attention to the person's concerns. They should answer their questions, and provide information in a way that the person can understand.

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    Importance of Person-Centered Care

    It is now widely accepted that ensuring patients' active involvement in integral to their care is a fundamental component of providing high-quality healthcare.

    The last ten years have seen an increase in the significance of person-centeredness in health and social services, even though there is still much work to be done. Giving excellent care will aid in:

    1. Placing patients at the center of care is hoped to improve the quality of services provided
    2. Help people get the care they need when necessary
    3. Motivate patients to actively participate in their care
    4. Relieve pressure on social and health services

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