Explain The Principles For Safe Moving And Handling


It is important for the medical institution to explain principles for safe moving and handling. It is a practice that a medical staff learns in medical school. It is all about paying attention to the small details. With the passage of time, these practices become skills. This section includes:

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1. Explain the principles for safe moving and handling


Principles for safe moving and handling are about moving and handling the people who require help in terms of mobility with the help of manual handling regulations and recognized best practices.

A person who is meant to regularly take care of a person who has mobility issues is trained on the basis of the safe moving and handling principles to avoid any injuries and accidents. Helping a person to move is an arduous job and always should be executed according to the principles of safe moving and handling.

The main aim of the moving and handling principles is to help individuals to lift and exercise gently and safely by using the correct methods and equipment without putting pressure on the spine.

Hence, it is important for that person to lift or move a person with great safety by using the safe moving and handling principles to avoid injuries to themselves and the person they are moving.

1.1. Importance of safe moving and handling?

It is important that the person who moves or lifts the people is trained according to the safe moving and handling principles to ensure the health and safety of everyone who is involved in this process. Let's look into the key reason why moving and handling the patient is important.


There are many reasons why people need help with mobility issues. Sometimes their needs are temporary because they are recovering from an illness or injury. While others need assistance with mobility for their whole life. Those who require help from the caretaker to move and lift them safely need to know how to do it efficiently without causing them discomfort and injury.


Complying with the principles and regulations of safe moving and handling is equally important for both carer and health care worker for their safety and health. Benefits of using the safe moving and handling principle include:

  • Reduce work-related sickness
  • Prevents, aches, injuries, and pains
  • Comply with regulations

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1.2. Explain principles for moving and handling equipment and other objects safely

The potential responsibility is to ensure the safety of yourself and others. To fulfill this principle you have to work in a safe mode. This includes:

  1. Make sure the equipment and other related objects are properly clean and safe.
  2. If you observe any faults in equipment, report it immediately and don't use it until or unless it is repaired or replaced.
  3. Only use the equipment that you have received the training in your medical school.
  4. Use the equipment by following the warnings and safety labels and signs.
  5. Only use the specific equipment for its intended purpose.
  6. Follow your supervisor/manager's ways of working, which are policies and procedures to use the particular equipment.
  7. Make sure to comply with the equipment manufacturer’s guidelines and patient care plans.

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1.3. List 5 principles for safe moving and handling

We have listed the 5 basic principles of moving and handling patients who need help in terms of mobility with safety. Whether you are a person who is taking care of any family member or a social and health care personnel, these basic principles will help you to carry out your role smoothly, safely, and efficiently. Following are some principles of moving and handling the patients safely.

  1. Always evaluate the environment before lifting the patient. For instance, look for another hand of help, check whether the path is clear or not, is transport available or not, and is patient stable or not.
  2. Try to use the mechanical devices to lift the patient when it is possible such as a gurney or elevator to move the patient.
  3. If you want to pull the patient make sure to use your shoulders instead of your hips. This way you protect your spines from any injuries.
  4. Stand close to your patient to maintain their balance while handling or transferring any equipment to hold on without touching any part of your body.
  5. If you observe any injuries while moving or handling the patient make sure to document it and report it to the manager/supervisor immediately.

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