Explain The Main Points Of Health And Safety Policies And Procedures Agreed With The Employer


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It is important to understand what health and safety policies and procedures are before start discussing the main points of health and safety policies and procedures. Health and safety policies and procedures are the sorts of an agreement that aims to establish a healthy and safe environment at the workplace. Both the employer and employees together make such policies and procedures successful; without a mutual effort, none of the health and safety policies and procedures can meet their goals.

The effective planning and execution of the health and safety is the duty of the employers while the employees must go along with the employers policies and procedures to fulfill the duty of care. The health and safety policy must consist of such points that cover all the safety measures and caters to the needs of all the workers of a company regardless of their age and conditions.

For example, suppose there are 5 employees in a workplace including a young office boy, a female receptionist, an aged accountant, a middle-aged manager, and a lady developer who is pregnant. All these employees belong of different ages and have different health conditions. Therefore, the health and safety policy and procedures should be made in a way that the office environment and infrastructure must not harm any of the employees.

Generally, the health and safety policies and procedures are consists of the following points.

  • Statement of intent
  • Risk measurement and elimination
  • Health and safety training sessions
  • Maintenance Plant and equipment
  • Safe moving and handling
  • Information, guidance, and management
  • Emergency procedures
  • Health and safety monitoring and audit
  • Inspection and reporting
  • Health surveillance

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Workplace health and safety policies and procedures should be made clear to the employees at the time of appointment so that they would not violate the rules while working with the organization.

Health and safety policies and procedures aim to achieve the following goals:

  • Reduction of accidents in the workplace
  • Reduction of health hazards
  • Set up a hygienic environment
  • A reduction of civil claims
  • Spread the health and safety awareness among the employees

Many organizations hire safety officers to ensure the health protection and safety of the staff. The safety officer studies the health and safety policy and then proposes the changes and modifications if needed. Further, he evaluates whether each staff member is religiously following the defined rules of the policy. The authorities must explain the main points of health and safety policies and procedures agreed with the employer to the safety officer so that he can have a better comprehension of his duties.

A safety officer is also responsible for the maintenance of the company’s infrastructure. Any loopholes in the infrastructure such as damage or fault in the air conditioning system or maintenance issues regarding office lifts, can give physical harm to the staff or can affect their health. It is the duty of the safety officer to ensure that there are no such loopholes. The safety officer plays a significant part in the effectiveness and execution of workplace health and safety policies and procedures.

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Still, the implementation of the health and safety policies and procedures is not restricted to the role of the safety officer. Each employee and the employer are responsible for the other’s health and safety. It is the individual and the mutual duty of all the staff members to make sure that none of their co-workers encounters a safety or health hazard. Employers should make effective health and safety policies and keep updating them to eliminate the risk factors concerning health and safety.

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Moreover, employers and employees should also understand their responsibility and immediately take the possible measures to sustain the health and safety of their workmates. A fluctuation in the tube light or a minor spark in the electric meter, water leakage from an AC, presence of rats or harmful insects in the workplace, unhygienic food in the office canteen, or suffocation in the work environment, all these inadequacies should be reported immediately as these can cause health issues or safety dilemmas.

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