Explain The Importance Of Ensuring That Others Are Aware Of Their Own Where


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In the workplace, every individual should be focused on their surroundings and be alert in all situations. This is needed and essential for the workers of an organization. Knowing about others' whereabouts and informing others about your whereabouts helps a lot in getting rid of the uncertainties that might occur or making the processing of information a bit faster if you or your fellow employees are updated with the information.

The employees cannot only protect themselves from the uncertainties by being updated about their surroundings, but they can even be the safeguarding leader for the company itself. A company needs to check on the security threats and work to avoid them, which can lower the risk of any damage that might occur to the company.

The employees working in the company are just not supposed to be active, but they should be great observers and keep their minds and eyes open to everything that is going around. Being a great observant will make them act in favor of the company and show their potential by safeguarding it from witnessing a significant loss.

If, for instance, you are suspicious about any unusual activity that has been happening in your company for the past few days or past few hours, then you should take immediate action against it. It is better to report anything unusual to the supervisor or any other accountable person who can take prompt action to inquire about the situation.

It is even recommended that the employees keep all their belongings to themselves instead of leaving them here and there or not keeping a note of what might happen with their essential stuff. Employees' personal belongings do not only refer to their laptops, mobile phones, wallets, etc., but everything lost can give you a hard time and could come under the umbrella of personal belonging. So, for example, all the letters or some essential prescriptions you are given in charge of keeping with yours, you should be particular about them and keep them in a safe and secure place that you can keep a check of while working and serving your responsibilities.

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Many people might think about why and how the documents and similar stuff could come under the umbrella of personal belonging. So, one thing is clear and understood the loss of documents could take you to the point where you can even lose your job or get fired immediately. This situation is likely to occur when you have some professional jealousies or any other cause behind it. So, in such a situation, it is also essential to inform the other member who is loyal and trustworthy; about the placement of your documents so that they can help you in some unfortunate situations and make the things work with the help of those documents in your absence.

Moreover, try not to leave your workstation the majority time to reduce the chances of you being risked losing your stuff and detail. However, if you are switching your workstation, let a few people know about it to keep an eye on your workstations and personal belongings when you aren't present.

However, in the other case, informing the whereabout about you is essential with another perspective. It does not only help the company to be on the safe side, but this information is also beneficial for the safety and security of the employees. Since employees are the backbone of a company, a company needs to maintain the employees' safety, security, and confidentiality. If no one has any information about your whereabouts, some situations could cause enormous problems for the entire staff and the company.

For you, It might seem useless, so why should I inform you about my presence or absence of the manager or the supervisor or even the standard staff members but it isn't that useless. Of course, the companies keep a watch on the high profiles of the company, but the majority of successful companies equally value every other.

Letting the employer and the staff member know about your whereabouts can significantly help you. For instance, if a fire occurred in your company's building and the rescue team is looking for every employee of the company, they won't finish the search mission until they find out the last person present at the office at the time of this fire occurrence. In this scenario, if the people don't know where you are, they might keep on risking their lives to find out where you are. Whereas, if your colleagues know about your whereabouts, there will be no way to waste their time and efforts on it, and you will also be safe and secure.

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In the other scenario, if you met an accident somewhere or get faint somewhere if you dint let your colleagues know about your whereabouts beforehand, it might create big chaos. But if the employees know about your location and other details, they can reach out to you immediately and provide the needed help.

You can inform your company's people by verbal dictation, and if the company has set up a computer system to keep track of your activities and a piece of information, it would be a robust act. For example, you can quickly sign in when entering the company and sign out upon leaving at any time of the day for any single purpose. This will help the company track the time, date, and further information of a person.

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