Explain Own Role and Responsibilities in Safeguarding Individuals


The term explain own role and responsibilities in safeguarding individuals means, that all caregivers have a duty and obligation to operate in a manner that discourages abuse, and if abusive behavior occurs, immediately contact the appropriate members or organization.

As a result, staff members need to get training on how to operate in a person-centered manner and recognize warning signals of abuse.

Additionally, employees should study their organization's safeguarding policy, be acquainted with it, and know when and how they should notify any indications of abuse.

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Types of abuses

The presence of even one signal from the lists below does not imply that abuse is taking place. However, it should prompt professionals to do additional analyses and take into account related issues. Also, the categories of potential signs and behavioral instances are not all-inclusive, and individuals may experience many forms of abuse simultaneously.

  • Physical Abuse

    Physical abuse is when someone is physically harmed or injured, such as when someone punches another person.

  • Domestic Abuse

    Intimidating behavior, aggression, or abuse that occurs between people who are close or emotionally linked, such as family and friends or partners, such as when a person forbids their partner from leaving the home is referred to as domestic abuse.

  • Emotional Abuse

    A person who has experienced emotional or psychological abuse lost all sense of self-esteem and dignity and feels unwanted as a result of pressure, pressure, harassment, intimidation, or embarrassment, such as when a bunch of individuals publicly humiliate another person.

  • Financial Abuse

    Financial abuse occurs when someone makes unauthorized use of another person's wealth, assets, or goods, such as when they use their line of credit without their consent.

  • Discriminatory Abuse

    When a person or group is treated differently due to a safeguarded trait such as a person being prohibited from doing something due to their gender, this is known as discriminatory abuse.

  • Organizational Abuse

    Abuse in institutions or organizations occurs when the demands, desires, and inclinations of the care organization are prioritized over those of the individuals, as in the case of a person who only receives assistance when it is suitable for the agency as opposed to when they want it.

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The six principles of safeguarding

However, to create an atmosphere where potential victim possesses as much autonomy in their lives as possible and may lead the lifestyle they choose, safeguarding is based on six essential concepts.

  • Emancipation

    Individual decision-making and consent forms are recognized and promoted.

  • Prevention Efforts

    It is preferable to act now before the damage is inflicted. People are given straightforward, lucid information on what violence is, how to recognize the indicators, and how to get assistance.

  • Uniformity

    The least destructive reaction is suitable for the risk being posed. Specialists will only be engaged in a person's life if it's in the person's best interests.

  • Safeguard

    Assistance and advocacy for those who need it most. People are aware that they may file reports of abuse and violence.

  • Association

    Community solutions are provided by services that collaborate with indigenous governments. Communities can assist prevent, identifying, and exposing maltreatment and neglect. Experts will cooperate to get the finest outcome possible for their clients.

  • Responsibility

    Responsibility and openness in providing protection. Everyone should be aware of the part they play.

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Roles of several authorities in reducing recidivism and preventing victims

To make this society a better place to live, specialists dealing directly with victims should adhere to the fundamental ideas. Everyone must be conscious of their duty of care.

Numerous organizations have a role to fulfill in securing and defending people against abuse.

  • According to the agreed-upon operating practices of the employer, front-line health and social care professionals are required to notify any concerns of abuse.
  • The city government then needs to be notified so that it may examine the claims and conduct social security checks. The Social Services division often handles this. The local government is also in charge of establishing safeguarding committees, which investigate abuse incidents and consider improvements that may have been made.
  • The security forces have a responsibility to safeguard the well-being of those who are susceptible and to look into abuse or accusations of abuse in cases where criminal activity has occurred.
  • To make sure that no unethical techniques are being employed, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspects and supervises healthcare professionals.
  • Setting national laws and policies for protection is the job of the government.

The responsibility of health & care professionals in safeguarding

People who are employed in the health and social care fields have to conduct themselves in a manner that prevents abuse.

This entails giving the individual high-quality care and assistance, putting them at the focus of everything, and giving them as much autonomy over their life as possible.

Everyone must be aware of the potential for abuse. You should learn to identify the indicators of abuse and take action if you have any suspicions since abuse may occur in any situation and by anybody.

Staff should be made aware of the safeguarding procedures and protocols at their place of employment since they provide instructions on how to file a report of suspected child abuse.

It is best practice for organizations to have a health and safety representative leader, who is usually managed in the health and social care industry. Also, there needs to be a designated physician and nurse for protection inside the Hospital.

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