Explain How Communication Affects Relationships In The Work Setting


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1. Describe how communication affects relationships at work


If you work in any organization then maneuvering the work environment is challenging sometimes. There are many benefits of working with people in the same company. There are many people to socialize with, you have a team, and many colleagues have your back.

However, when you are working with different personalities of people there are chances that you have a couple of challenges. Some of these challenges are not experienced by your employees, especially the young employees who are new to the environment. So what steps do you need to take to catch them up? How do you explain to them how communication affects relationships at work?

The most important thing for a successful work environment is communication. Communication can occur between two people, two team members, and between the higher authorities. No matter with whom you are communicating, good communication skills is absolutely necessary.

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1.1. Explain how communication affects relationships in the workplace in a positive way

  • Positive communication has a great impact on the people we are interacting with, it also has a great impact on other people and how they respond to us.
  • Positive communicators always establish a good relationship and trust with their carers and other colleagues and they make sure that the other parties who are interacting with us understand the vision, purpose, and limitations of our work. They also determine what is appropriate and inappropriate for the audience.
  • Positive communicator always presents themselves positively by means of written communication (vocabulary they use, grammar, tone and volume of voice, awareness of personal space, and when to use non-verbal communication) to convey the right message.

1.2. Explain how communication affects relationships in the work setting in a negative way

  • Poor communicators put a negative impression on the organization by letting themselves and others down.
  • Poor communication leads to distress and confusion among people. The process of communication is not always straightforward. If the information is shared inaccurate and misleading way, as a result, mistakes can be made due to poor care of the information.

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2. How to make communication better in the workplace


If you don't communicate properly, your work environment will be disturbed. Think about what happens when you don't communicate with your colleagues. When there is no communication or miscommunication, gradually the relationship will fall apart.

People eventually become frustrated when you don't communicate or acknowledge them or they work hard to get the answer from you. If your choice of words is wrong and confusing, jobs and assignments will lead to an inaccurate result which takes the whole team to work all day to get the result.

This can all be avoided by implementing different things in the workplace environment to make communication better. Here are some examples of how to communicate effectively in the workplace to boost relationships.

  • Schedule weekly meetings

    The best way to put everyone on the same page is to conduct the meeting and discuss what’s going on. Make sure to not exceed your meeting time for unnecessary things, and draw aim to wind up your meeting quickly and effectively. Make notes of what you going to discuss with the team and make sure to hit them all. Think about the goals that your business has to achieve that week so discuss them and make sure to get them done. It is suggested to schedule your meetings on Monday. This way you will set the tone for the rest of the week.

  • Knowing the nature of different people

    Everyone is different and we all know that but sometimes it becomes hard to work with someone who has different nature of work. Surely it is not about getting them to be the same as us but it is about how someone works differently compared to us. Similarly, as a personal relationship, the working relationship also requires understanding and compromise. If you are working in a team, it means that you are working with the different personalities of people so it is important to know the work style and ideas of everyone.

  • Ask questions

    The big mistake we make in communication in the workplace is about not asking the questions. When it comes that you don't know something, you should never be afraid to ask it. By doing so, you will have better communication relationships which lead to a better job and strengthens your relationship with other colleagues. Always remember the more you ask the more you will learn.

  • Write clear emails

    With the advancement of technology, email is the most used medium for communication, especially in the workplace. It let you not forget or misunderstood important things. Email is a key to a quick response and it let you communicate without stuffing extra fluff.

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