Evaluate How Learning Activities Have Affected Practice


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Wise people say that the process of learning is not limited to a specified age. Individuals can learn new things to enhance their knowledge and expertise at whatever age they get such an opportunity. Learning has a great influence on practice. The more individuals learn, the greater it increases their competency. To evaluate how learning activities have affected practice of the healthcare professionals, research has been carried out which comprises the following aspects.

  • What are the most celebrated and effective learning activities?
  • How do the professionals manage their learning activities and work duties side by side?
  • Effects of individual and mutual learning on Practice

It is important to first evaluate learning activities to discover their impact on practice. Some of the most common learning activities involve formal training sessions, inductive learning, shadowing, coaching and mentoring, etc. These learning activities allow the individuals associated with the field of health and social care to get new insights and explore untouched areas of the care industry, within the workplace.

Healthcare professionals extract and utilize different ways and techniques to deal with their learning activities at work. They used to assist their seniors on multiple cases for which they don’t have to reserve a particular time rather they smartly manage it in their duty hours. They learn and adopt useful and effective working tips by observing their seniors. It helps them extract the best ways to execute different tasks such as,

  • Dealing with the patients suffering from chronic diseases – It is difficult to deal with such patients because the instability of their health makes them psychologically disturbed. The hospital learning enables the individuals to learn how to handle such patients.
  • Decision-making in emergency cases – sometimes in emergency cases, anxiety overwhelms the minds of the freshers that doesn’t let them fulfill the need of the time. The training sessions and the coaching helps them cope with the stress and come up with the required decisions.
  • Fulfilling the duty of care and duty of candor – the healthcare professionals must inform the patients about the adverse medical events. Human error is so natural but timely realization and confession are what matter the most. So the healthcare professionals, just like others, learn from their mistakes and learn to fulfill the duty of care and candor.
  • Collaborating with co-workers – Workplace collaboration is itself a learning tool. It helps expand the mutual learning atmosphere and makes a big difference by improving practice.
  • Managing long days, etc. – Long hectic days frustrate the individuals and they feel so exhausted that they become used to the environment of the workplace. So the learning affects the practice also by preparing and shaping the minds of the workers for challenges. This is called the psychology of learning.

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The most prominent example of this side-by-side learning and practice environment is the house job duration of fresh doctors. The first time when a nurse asks newbies to inject a patient, they may hesitate at the start but gradually they learn to practice confidently. This period of learning doesn’t only increase the knowledge of freshers but also the experienced surgeons and specialists learn many new things while mentoring and coaching their juniors.

Further, the healthcare staff keenly notice the difference between their own working styles and the practices of their coworkers to find out the areas where improvement is needed. It allows both individual and mutual learning to the care professionals and all. They share their knowledge, intelligence, and work strategies that help them mutually learn and grow.

Taking the example of a classroom, it is seen that students help their classmates in comprehending what they miss during the lecture. Further, group studies and class discussion sessions such as snowball learning techniques, expand the students’ knowledge. Moreover, it enhances their class participation and improves their grades. Similarly, the mutual learning activities within the workplace help assist the professionals in making difference.

Multidisciplinary meetings of the hospital staff including doctors, nurses, and supervisors contribute to the mutual learning. In such meetings, patient care guidelines are shared and discussed that aim to eliminate the unwanted delays in the treatment, the proposed changes in the medication, streamline management, and plan to increase cost-effectiveness for the ease of patient. This type of learning benefits healthcare professionals throughout their working tenure.

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Other effective learning activities include seminars, inter-hospital exhibitions, healthy debates, organizational events, and so on. All the discussed learning activities cannot be performed randomly. Individuals should set their learning goals. They must know the initial status of their expertise so that later on, they can determine and describe how a learning activity has improved their practice.

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