Describe the Factors to Consider When Promoting Effective Communication


Interaction between people on a daily basis is a usual phenomenon. The mean of it may be in person or on the myriad of digital platforms available to us. But to what extent our communication actually reaches the intended audience in a desirable way? Effective communication requires us to be clear and thorough in what is being expressed. To be effective communicators in daily life, one must learn to communicate with clarity, empathy, and understanding. This wisdom with the word is not limited to personal life but also to professional life. The purpose of this debate is meant to describe the factors to consider when promoting effective communication at an individual level.

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The notion of effective communication

While the effectiveness of communication is difficult to measure, however, the impact of it cannot be denied. Many companies across the globe lose handsome money annually due to poor communication, according to the study. On the other hand, companies led by effective communicators had almost 50% higher total returns to shareholders than companies with less effective communicators at the top.

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The importance of effective communication

The benefits of effective communication can be seen in the workplace, in the educational environment, and in personal life. The ability to communicate well can be an asset in any field of life. But the major point of concern here is to consider how communication affects relationships in the work setting. It is helpful in managing employees and creating teams. It acts as the most effective tool required to grow your business faster and retain your employees.

The work environment needs to cope with changing dynamics on daily basis. Those businesses which remain stuck to the same patterns of potentialities are left far behind in the continuous race of evolution. But to be part of evolutionary operations, a business needs to offer some creativity. Effective communication is beneficial in offering creativity that leads to innovations. It is also helpful in building strong relationships, which are essential for collecting more opportunities for not only the business but also a person at an individual level.

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Effective communication in a work setting

At the individual level, effective communication can lead to improved mental health because of its sway at the emotional and social levels. It seeks to establish new connections which tend to get deeper with the passage of time because of its transparency and trust. Effective communications lead to dealing with issues in an organized way. Thus it is also helpful in resolving major issues as conflict resolution is also a skill in itself.

Factors affecting effective communication

In any work setting, the workers are not only expected to communicate properly but must also be able to promote effective communication there. For this purpose, it is essential to make a lucid assessment of the fact to describe factors to consider for effective communication for a senior worker in any work setting. Some of these prime factors are mentioned here in significant length.

Building the argument on the necessity of basic needs is prudent enough to strengthen further discussion. If a person is facing certain difficulties in fulfilling the basic needs of life, then he is sure to struggle in his way of effective communication. These needs may be hunger, thirst, tiredness, etc. It can also be affected in the case of facing a person who is having some hearing impairment. So a communicator will need to consider this fact in case of dealing with such a person.

Similarly, a person’s state of mind also plays an important role in putting forth effective communication. The brain is the sole controller of every function of the human body. Any fluctuations in its state can be reflected in the rest of the human activity. Let us suppose an assumption of an angry mind. Does anyone think that an angry mind is able to think rationally?

Besides these preliminary conditions at a personal level, a person also needs comfortable surroundings to communicate effectively. It includes minor details like the exposure to lighting, weather, noise, and the type of audience being faced.

If the audience is not fully involved in what is being offered to them by the communicators, then the effectiveness of communication will be of no use to their audacity. Active listening on the part of the audience is a stimulating factor to contribute to further effectiveness of the communication. So the surrounding audience must show empathy, compassion, and nonjudgmental to prove communication an effective process.

Further, if these considerations are not taken into strict regulations, it may cause misunderstandings which is great resistance to the way of effective communication. A communicator must reach down to the level of the audience through regular eye contact and gestures to minimize misunderstandings.

Last but not least another most important factor that needs to be considered for the promotion of effective communication is the language. It is an important medium of communication between various communities all around the globe. Language must be understandable for all in the audience in the first place. Secondly, the dialects of a particular language also bring clarity to the argument for a particular community. But in the case of the versatile audience, typical native accents and jargon can be confusing for those not belonging to a particular region.

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