Analyze Factors That Can Trigger Stress


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Stress is the pressure that your body and brain suffer when encountering a challenge or change (maybe a loss or gain). It occurs naturally, one cannot resist stress but how people react in a stressful situation and how they deal with the stress is what matters the most. This study will explore different types of stress and analyze factors that can trigger stress.

The research says that there are basically four types of stress people encounter, i.e. acute stress, severe acute stress, episodic acute stress, and chronic stress.

  • Acute Stress – This is the short-term stress that does not last long. It occurs for short intervals like one can feel stress during a flight takeoff or landing, while having the injections or when the lift door closes, and so on. This stress is not considered to be harmful to health.
  • Severe Acute Stress – This type of stress can trigger a person in case of dreadful shocking news. For example, the death news of a spouse, close relative, or a close friend. Further, a big loss in the business can also get a person severe acute stress. It is dangerous for both the physical and mental health because it can lead a person to Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) such as nervous breakdown, cardiac arrest, paralysis attack, etc.
  • Acute Stress – This stress occurs in the form of episodes which means people suffer frequent intervals of distress. Mostly when a person is worried about certain matters of life and unable to resolve them, the tension keeps pinching him from time to time. It is also harmful to physical and mental health because it gradually weakens the brain and keeps you distracted.
  • Chronic Stress – This is the long-term stress in which the person becomes a victim of despairing thoughts. It doesn’t let you come out of that particular state. Chronic stress leads people to depression, a weak immune system, anxiety, cardiovascular diseases, and constant high blood pressure.
  • Eustress Stress – Any stress that benefits you is called Eustress. This type of stress is good for health. It occurs when you are excited or eagerly want something to happen. Also, when you are assigned a new academic task, you may feel stressed but it helps in completing work on time; so, it can also be termed as Eustress.

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There are several factors that trigger stress. Sometimes, the stress factors are so minor that give no harm but some of the factors can have deadly effects. These factors lie under four categories.

  • Physical Stress Factors – an injury, asthma, fatigue, continuous labor, dehydration, hormonal disorder, breathing issues, dental diseases, allergies, muscular pain, and so on. All these are the major causes of physical stress.
  • Psychological Stress Factors – Psychological stress triggering involve despair, fear, tension, academic burden, grief, jealousy, anger, overthinking, self-judgments, excessive expectations, unmanageable deadlines, lack of motivation, criticism, worldview, etc.
  • Psychosocial Stress Factors – financial issues, toxic relationships, unemployment, social responsibilities, lack of social support, isolation; all such factors add to the psychosocial stress.
  • Psychospiritual Stress Factors – Factors like a moral crisis, the absurdity of life, mismatched spiritual beliefs, and atheism, lead a person to psycho-spiritual stress.

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Now the question is what circumstances can trigger stress the most? Research has been conducted to find out the answer to this question. A list consisting of multiple stress factors is shared with people of different ages and they are asked to point out the factor they consider the most stressful among all. The results are shown below.

1. Losing loved ones (death, divorce, separation) (60 – 100%)
2. Personal Injury or Illness (accident, a chronic disease, etc) (50 – 55%)
3. Job troubles (unemployment, retirement, etc) (45 – 47%)
4. Domestic problems (in-laws troubles, children, spouse, etc) (39 – 44%)
5. Financial concerns (running out of money, having loans, debts) (30 – 38%)
6. Failure (in academics or professional career) (29 – 30%)
7. A change (switching field, increasing responsibilities, migration, etc) (20 – 25%)
8. Not getting enough sleep and food (insomnia, starvation, over dieting) (15 – 17%)
9. Violation of laws (breaking traffic rules, hiding a will, infringements) (10 – 12%)

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However, it is important to identify circumstances that tend to trigger stress so that one can take the necessary measures to stay away from the stress as much as he/she can. Stress is not announced, it comes as an uninvited guest, and bothers the same way. But individuals can manage to deal with stressful situations by knowing some tricks and techniques. Daily exercise, meditation, laughing more, finding happiness in little things, and sleeping well, these activities can effectively help in this regard.

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