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Advertising is a marketing tool, which is used to communicate a certain message to the masses. Its nature is that of an open, non-personal message to inform and persuade the customers to consume the goods or service that it endorses. Advertising is just as effective today, as it was when it was first introduced back in the 20th Century.

Listed below are some of the many types of advertisement channels, used by the company to promote their goods or services; which the students or any advertising assignment help and writing service that they hire, should consider

Channel of Communication Description
Radio Sometimes utilizing the traditional channel is not that bad of an idea. Specially, when your target audience are those who love to travel a lot. Radio still has its impact on a wide range of audience (both urban and rural) and at a cost that even recent start up can easy afford.
TVC Similar to radio, this channel also has its wide range of reach and appeal. But it also overcomes another major drawback of a radio advertisement; it portrays the image of the product or service that is being offered by the company.
Newspaper Businesses aiming to promote their business, where there is a list of classified ads, should go for this channel. Similar to radio, it is also highly cost efficient and can reach an audience which resides not just in the urban but also in the rural areas.
Magazines A business which operates in a niche market, can reach the specific target segment by posting an ad in the magazine which is followed by the appropriate audience; i.e. fashion magazine, business magazines, etc.
Directories This channels aims at targeting those consumers which have already made up their mind for purchasing a good or service. A physical or online directory states the list of businesses and the type of goods and services that they offer.
Outdoor Promotions Billboards, posters on taxis, buses, subway stations all fall in the category of outdoor advertising. The aim of this type of advertisement should be to reroute customers to company’s website and portals.
Email An email can help reach the clients directly and cheaply; being sent to many people at one time.
Catalogues, Brochures and Leaflets Consumer base which is not comfortable with modern day technology can be targeted through this traditional channel. For example, senior citizens of the society.
Online Promotions Out of all the above means of communication, this mode has the global reach and in the most cost efficient manner. As anything placed online can be assessed by anyone, anywhere through the internet.

Therefore, all these channels of advertisement have their own importance when companies tryto promote the customers of different market segments. A good assignment would take into account all these types and if you are unable to acquire ample amount of knowledge and practical examples on them, we prefer that you get some help for your assignment.

Importance of Advertisement In Today’s Era

As a marketing student, you should be aware of all the pros and cons associated with different types of advertisement campaigns. But if you think you lack such vital information, you should not take the risk and hire an expert, marketing assignment help, in order to secure your grades.

For different stakeholders, advertisement holds different importance:

  1. Importance For Customers: customers are only motivated when all four aspects of the A.I.D.A. (Attention, Interest, Desire and Action) principle is accomplished, if there would be no advertisement, the customers will never be made aware and they will never be informed or persuaded to buy a product or a service.
  2. Importance For Companies: advertisement sows the seeds for profitable sales for a company’s product or service. It helps create awareness and even persuades the target audience to give the brand a try. Moreover, the demand of the company depends on the effectiveness of its advertisement campaign and creates a perception in the minds of the consumers, the way companies want it to be.
  3. Importance For The Society: an effective advertisement campaign helps in educating the masses and prevents them from being exploited by big MNCs (Multi-National Corporations). Government awareness campaigns, could also help reduce the consumption of harmful goods and reduce the externalities it causes for the society. For example, campaign against smoking and so on.

Hence, it is due to these factors, students can safely say that the importance of advertisement for the customers, companies and even the government of a particular nation have only increased with the passage of time.

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