Unique Accounting Dissertation Topics for UK Students

How Do You Define Accounting Dissertation Topics?

Accounting is usually defined as the ‘language of businesses’ and deals with the communication of financial information about corporations and organisations. Accounting forms one of the core components of businesses and organisations, and the principles and functions of Accounting are applied worldwide whether it is a small-scale or large scale organisation.

An accounting dissertation will not only be consisting of a lot of text and information, but will be following a lot of inclusion of calculations and accounting concepts as well. As such, you need a topic which you believe you can write on. It will be obligatory to be submitted if you are studying Accounting as a major whether in your Masters or Doctorate or perhaps even Bachelor level.

How Do You Categorise A Topic As Suitable For Yourself?

There is multitude of topics to choose from in the field of accounting, with plenty of resources available on the internet and in libraries. But not every topic will accurately fit your requirements and you would need to ensure that you choose such an accounting dissertation topic that allows you to research and write with ease.

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What Are The Different Types of Accounting?

Accounting has been divided into numerous types to cater to the growing need for a variety of accounting requirements with the passage of time. The different types of accounting are integrated as per the requirements such as in banking, in audit, in strategic decision making etc.

Prominent areas which can be considered when narrowing down a single accounting dissertation topic include the following:

  • Accounting Information Systems
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Cost accounting
  • Tax accounting 
  • External auditing
  • Management accounting
  • Financial accounting

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  • The impact of automated accounting processes on conventional accounting based organisations This is an interesting topic which is gaining prominence as one of the best accounting dissertation topics 2019, and follows how the current automated accounting processes reap much more benefits than conventional accounting based methods in organisations.
  • Reviewing the differences between advantages offered by in house and external auditors An accounting dissertation topic which reviews and compares between the advantages organisations can gain from either in house or external auditors.
  • A brief discussion on the rationale applied on issuing tax exemption certificates to non- profit organisations A dissertation topic which briefly discusses on the logic and rationale behind the practice of issuing tax exemption certificates to non-profit organisations.
  • The rise of customized accounting software and the improvisation followed by their implementation in organizations This is one rising topic in terms of preference, and details how the implementation of technology to develop and integrate the usage of customised accounting software leads to improvisation in the accounting processes, and hence betterment in the organisations.
  • Reviewing the importance of transparency in accounting procedures of an organization which in turn determine its market value This is one crucial dissertation topic as it critically details how transparency in accounting procedures affects the overall accounting and financial statements of an organisation, and which in the end determine the market value of the particular organisation.
  • Examining the benefits of teaching basic accounting concepts and procedures from the primary level An accounting dissertation topic which is widely gaining coverage, since many students now argue that basic accounting concepts be taught from primary level, so as to enhance the understanding and importance of accounting procedures in our daily lives.

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