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Does taking notes make it challenging for you to concentrate in your class? Are you having difficulty in coding your interviews into qualitative data? Then Academic transcriptions are exactly what you are looking for. They are the latest advents that will solve your problem in no time! Let’s look at how transcriptions can help you in your studies.

How Can Transcriptions Help Me In My Studies?

You might have difficulty in concentrating on your lecture because you have to note down every single point while listening to the lecture. You might even have problems while converting the interviews and surveys into qualitative data. A transcription service can easily solve all your problems.

Transcriptions can easily covert audios and videos into text. Whether it is a classroom lecture, some group discussions or an interview conducted for your research, all you have to do is to record it and send it to a transcription service.

Many transcription services use softwares that cannot detect sounds properly, however, humanly done transcription can detect and avoid them and provide verbatim transcriptions as well..
An academic transcription service done by a professional provides you assistance in your academic life in the following ways:

  • It helps you make notes that can you can read and review later.
  • It can convert your group discussions into precisely done notes.
  • It can easily covert all interviews into qualitative data for your studies.
  • It can make readable notes for you if you have hearing imparity.

As you can read from the points listed, hiring a service that provides academic transcriptions benefits you in plenty of ways.

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Why do all the hard work of transcribing yourself when you can get it done from a professional? And that even at the most affordable price? Best Assignment Writer is a one stop solution for your all academic problems! We have even started providing transcription services to help out our clients in every manner possible!

We not only covert your lectures into readable notes for you, but we are amongst the few academic transcription companies that offer you a complete educational package for all the services including transcriptions for:

  • Class lectures
  • Group discussions
  • Presentations
  • Seminars
  • Research interviews
  • Dissertations

Avail Our Services For The Best Academic Transcription Experience Ever!

If you are looking for the ultimate transcription experience, then you have landed on the exact right place. Avail our academic transcription service with not only one but all of the following benefits:

  • 100% Human Transcription: Don’t waste your money by getting scammed with robotic transcription services. With us you can choose your writer and get all your transcription done by your favorite native writer.
  • Ultimate Data Security: Your academic well-being is our aim. We never use cheap methods for data encryption. We use Amazon based security devices to keep your data completely encrypted.
  • 99% Accuracy: With us, you will never have to worry about the accuracy of the material. All our transcriptions are checked by our own Quality Assurance Department to deliver you 99% accurate transcriptions.
  • Affordable Rates: Compared to other services charging £1.5 for their services, we are the cheapest academic transcription writing service with rates as minimum as £1.3.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Your orders are delivered promptly with 100% superior quality. But if you think that the delivered transcription was not up to the mark, you can claim your money back as well.
  • Editing and Proofreading: Want to get your transcriptions proofread? Just send us your files and get them edited and proofread by our experts.
  • 100+ Dialects Accepted: Whether you are living in Central London or sending your data from the North of England, our well versed writers are expert in all the types of native dialects no matter whichever your audio is in.

Want to make your college life easy with us? Just place your order right away and get the best academic transcription service in town today!

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£ 2.15 £ 2.65
£ 2.90 £ 3.15
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Frequently Asked Question

Choosing the best academic transcribing services depends on a number of factors, including accuracy, promptness, pricing, and customer care. BestAssignmentWriter is highly proficient in satisfying its clients with its high accuracy rate, fast turnaround time, cheap pricing, and friendly user interface. In the end, we provide the best service to meet your requirements by providing a variety of services. Thus, investigate our features and reviews in order to find the quality service you need.
Yes, we are the best university transcription services specialists and are able to transform your lessons into text format. Along with the help of an experienced set of transcribers, we guarantee the highest transcription accuracy for your academic work. Let your recalling lectures become the text-based format by offering it alongside our services. Our service maintains confidentiality with quality standards and is simple to use, which makes it helpful for teachers, students, and research workers.
Absolutely, BestAssignmentWriter provides a group discussion transcription service, which is one of many. On the contrary, whether it is seminars, meetings or focus group sessions, it corresponds to audio or video recordings and translates into article format accurately. We have qualified transcribers who provide clarity of voice-over, which is captured by the precision of the transmission of all the participants' voices and inputs. BestAssignmentWriter knowingly collects and analyses information about group discussions for researchers, teachers and business organizations.